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Garden State Strength and Fitness is a 3,000 sf training facility located in the heart of Springfield NJ.
Offering personal training, sports conditioning, and small group training it is the place for all ages and fitness levels!

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Mike Kelly

Mike Kelly

Owner / Trainer
About Mike
Mike’s interest in fitness began at an early age with weight training. Mike has since transitioned his love of weight training into a nearly 20-year personal training career and most recently to the ownership of Garden State Strength and Fitness. Mike has been certified by numerous nationally recognized organizations such as the ISSA, YMCA, and USA Weightlifting. Mike continues to enjoy dedicating himself to working with clients of all ages and fitness levels to achieve their fitness goals.Mike resides in Cranford with his wife and 2 children.
What is Garden State Strength and Fitness?
Garden State Strength and Fitness is the culmination of the experience and knowledge from a nearly 20 year fitness industry career. The interaction with countless clients from all walks of life and of varying levels of fitness and expectations has allowed me to put together a place and a team where people can come to realize their goals and work towards achieving them.
What are your first memories of weight training?
My first memory of weight training was at 12 years of age in a friend’s basement gym. While listening to 80’s heavy metal, we began doing preacher curls. By just using the weight of the bare bar, my arms began to shake and were no longer able to continue after a couple of sets. I both loved and hated the feeling of exhaustion in my biceps and from that point on, I was hooked.
How did fitness/weight training become a part of your life?
My love of weight training continued all through middle school and into high school. At age 17 I saved a few paychecks and purchased 5 personal training sessions from a trainer I greatly respected at my gym. The extra push he gave me an insight into the execution of the exercises made me realize it was the best money I had ever spent. It was at that point I was sure that personal training was going to be my path in life.
How did fitness/weight training translate into your professional life?
While on my first college winter recess,  I lined up my first job in the fitness industry as a floor trainer at my local YMCA.  I then worked there every summer and winter break, furthering my experience and comfort in working with clients. After my time at the YMCA, I  had the knowledge and confidence to move on to a personal training studio. A few years’ experiences in this one-on-one setting had me ready to take the next step and open my own studio. The result was the beginning of a 12-year partnership in Extreme Personal Training, a studio that became one of the most recognized and longest operating personal training studios in the area.
Emilia Chacon

Emilia Chacon

About Emilia
Emilia is an independent personal trainer offering her services to the clientele of Garden State Strength and Fitness. Emilia is certified by the American Council on Exercise. As a former high school and division lll college athlete, she brings over 15 years of experience in strength training and conditioning with a strong focus on form and functional movement. In addition, she’s been coaching high-intensity interval training and metabolic resistance training for the last two years.She’s currently obtaining her fitness nutrition certification through ACE. Emilia believes in, practices, and coaches clients to overall wellness with combined fitness and nutrition.
Jim Basile

Jim Basile

About Jim
Jim Basile is an independent Strength and Performance Coach who offers his services to the clientele of Garden State Strength and Fitness. He is a certified Titleist Performance Institute Fitness Professional.Jim’s enthusiasm for fitness began at an early age. While playing football, baseball & wrestling in high school he learned the importance of a prudent strength and conditioning program. Jim has spent the last 20 years dedicated to coaching his clients to achieve their fitness needs and goals. By teaching his clients how to properly move the body, his programs are for anyone looking to function better. His current clientele includes athletes, kids, adults, and seniors.Jim lives with his wife Jessica and his beautiful daughter Bella.

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